Hanna-Barbera Studios

After a successful career at MGM, Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera opened their own studio and singlehandedly invent the TV cartoon show format.

I’ve found conflicting information regarding production information like dates and season designation. So as the accuracy of the dates/seasons listed it is best guess until I can get more solid information.
195 cartoons produced.

Flippin' Fido

Flippin’ Fido
6:50 Minutes | September 15, 1990
One evening, Tom chases Jerry into a closed department store. The ruckus gets the attention of the attack dog that is guarding the store at night. The guard dog begins to chase Tom, who is still chasing Jerry into the toy department. Tom, wanting to distract and distance himself from the dog, finds the Frisbee display which immediately causes the guard dog to want to play fetch. Now instead of being chased by the dog, Tom is pursed endlessly by the dog to play fetch with the Frisbee, all the while Tom is still chasing Jerry. This eventually leads to Tom having a nervous breakdown that makes him think he’s a dog. The cartoon ends with the guard dog and Jerry on the beach through the Frisbee to a now confused Tom.

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