Technology in iphone smart watches

Nobody does Apple better than Apple. That’s why the Apple Watch Series 1 stands as the best smartwatch for iPhone users.

Although there was a lot to love in the original Apple Watch, its software and user interface certainly left something to be desired. Now, Apple’s in its second iteration of the sought after wearable with two differing versions — Series 1 and Series 2. Although the Series 2 watch offers everything that the Series 1 does, as well as onboard GPS and waterproofing, the $100 price hike pushes it beyond most people’s comfortable spending level in the wearable market. Unless you’re planning to use your Apple Watch to chart your daily runs or wear it during a dip in the pool, the Apple Watch Series 1 is identical in every other way at a much more affordable price. Let’s dive into what exactly makes the Apple Watch Series 1 tick.

Thanks to a total software overhaul, the Apple Watch Series 1 addresses just about all of the complaints of the original Apple Watch’s interface. While the original would often pinwheel endlessly during even menial tasks, the Series 1 boasts a fast and responsive Force Touch-enabled interface thanks to a brand new S1P dual-core processor. Since the surface area is so limited on any smartwatch, Apple’s famous Force Touch ability is at its most useful in any Apple Watch, and the S1P processor realizes Force Touch’s full potential as a useful method of interfacing. With the help of the Digital Crown on the side of the watch for precise scrolling, the Apple Watch Series 1 is a breeze to navigate through and through.

The WatchOS 3 firmware update went a long way in righting the wrongs of the past, improving everything from text management to even battery life. Another small but meaningful perk is Apple’s native Taptic Engine, which is a more polite way of relaying notifications than the annoying vibration of some of the competition. The Series 1, like every other Apple Watch, comes with 8 gigabytes of total storage, with 2gb being allotted for music and 75mb for synced photos, and can hold a battery charge for up to 18 hours

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